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Meet Brent

Meet Brent Rittersdorf- A Leader Driven by #Purpose! Originally from Rockland, ME, and now living in Kennesaw, GA, his leadership style was defined by a solid career in corporate America, working in the hospitality industry.  After a full career there, Brent evolved into Real Estate, in which he is a licensed Broker.  Regardless of the style of work, Brent has always helped his peers and clients make wise decisions that produce favorable results. After years of leveraging his speaking skills in front of groups of all sizes at conferences, meetings, and events (even a fashion show!), Brent is proud to offer his services as a Keynote Speaker, Group Facilitator, or Host at your next event.  Don’t miss Brent’s signature talk “10for10”!  Schedule a call today and see how Brent can help your team!

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